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Hardcore Henry's House of Metal playlist for 03/18/2018

Artist Title Album Rotation Link
Safe Harbor
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Dead Eyes of London Dead Eyes of London Metal
The Sword The Temple Low Country
Metallica Creeping Death Ride the Lightning
Electric Wizard Funeralopolis Dopethrone
Sleep The Druid Holy Mountain
Safe Harbor
Slipknot Snuff Snuff
Killswitch Engage My Curse As Daylight Dies
Slayer War Ensemble Seasons in the Abyss Metal
The Haunted Monuments Strength in Numbers Metal
Static-X Kill Your Idols Shadow Door
Safe Harbor
Goijra Escoteric suergery The Way of all flesh
Lamb of God Engage the Fear Machine Strum Un Drag
The Sword Barael's Blade Wolves of Winter
Deadringer Knicked Loose Laughtracks Metal
Gojira Art of Dying Way of All Flesh
Safe Harbor
Sunn 0))) It Took the Night to Believe It Took the Night to Beleive
Pantera Throes of Rejection Far Beyond Driven
Metallica Master of Puppets Master of Puppets
Spite Kill or be Killed Spite
Ring of Saturn The Heavens have fallen Lugal Ki En
Suicide Scilence The Price of Beauty The Cleansing
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