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Uncle Bill's Morning Variety playlist for 10/26/2009

Roots and Branches playlist for 10/26/2009

Music today from the untenured years!

PolyTalk playlist for 10/25/2009

SO you've done it and it's official, you are bloody hangover. Now what? No matter what you do sleep and water or juice should be included. There are many folk cures that are supposed to help cure a hangover. Many of them will help you cope by replenishing the vitamins and liquid you lost over night, while some like avoiding caffeine are very important to a quicker recovery. There is no one size fits all cure, find what works for you but the list below is a good place to start. There are also a few suggestions from readers who found their own way to cope.

Difficulty: Hard

This is where it's at with Kit Masta Cat playlist for 10/25/2009

today we traveled everywhere...from dancing music to broadway musicals, tune in next week for some more good music.

Go Yankees!

Lazy Sunday Mornings playlist for 10/25/2009

In a good mood today.

HERE WE GO STEELERS! steelers v. vikings

Dead Man's Party playlist for 10/25/2009

Halloween Special!

You're NOT Listening with Kadeem and Vadhil! playlist for 10/24/2009

Tonight's Theme was mostly early 60's/Motown Music. Hope you guys enjoyed it and thanks for NOT listening once again! =)

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