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Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week:
October 12, 2009: (more of a diolog than a quote but w.e.)

Eric: "The other day I tried to tame a deer with peanuts."
Mike(me): "Oh yeah? How'd that work out?"
Eric: "I don't think deer like peanuts."

Sweet Sounds for Sour People playlist for 10/13/2009

large range of sounds from blues to lo-fi rock to math rock to hiphop. goooood mixin'

Under the Radar playlist for 10/13/2009

Local and Underground music!

This week's Musician Profile: Ghost in the Flesh

Lunch Box Mix playlist for 10/13/2009

The Baked Bean Boogie w/DJ Red playlist for 10/13/2009

Hood Hours We do it for the HOOD TUES 2am-4am playlist for 10/13/2009

Im mad tired its 335 in the morning and im bout to pass out but im still here bumpin hits BFresh my life i playin right now. im bout to start mixen tracks on my mixer im shot.......

The Underdog Show playlist for 10/12/2009

Taking it to the streets! Every song in this playlist sings about streets, highways, roads etc.

CoCa...SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER! playlist for 10/10/2009

Here's just a few song that you can chill with your people and head-nod to on a fine Saturday afternoon.

Ryan's Record Rundown playlist for 10/12/2009

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