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Why The Face

Helping you get through the workday, or at least a little closer to lunch. Tune in and make a request 607-436-2711 or by AIM: wonyrequest

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Classic Rock, Great Tunes, Awesome Guests, And Most Of All ... Sexiness

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PolyTalk playlist for 09/20/2009

Filling in for Poly Talk. Metalllll!!!!!!

- DJ Alias

Bands I have already played

Since I've managed to obtain a fairly expansive selection of music, I've decided to challenge myself to only play one song by any given band this semester (excluding Rush, of course). For those that are curious, here's a list of bands I've already played. This doesn't mean I will refuse requests for them, I just won't be adding them to the playlist I make up beforehand. Also, rotation bands don't count.

The Accused
Acid Bath
The Beyond
Black Sabbath
Blind Guardian
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Roy Brown

Afternoon Indie with Yr Friendly, Neigboorhood DJ Greyscale

2 Hours of the latest Independent Music with some old Indie classics thrown in for good measure. Tune in and make yourself an expert on what all the Hip-Indie-Snobs like host DJ Greyscale are into these days.

is not currently scheduled.

Dead Man's Party playlist for 09/20/2009

Rotation bands: Dream Theater, Dying Fetus, Stratovarius, Black Anvil, Augury, Megadeth, Sonata Arctica, Dethklok

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