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HIPHOP! International! playlist for 12/05/2009

Out of order because i press a button by mistake and erased everything 10 minutes before my show was done.

Fridays with Frink playlist for 12/04/2009

I'm not Frink.

The Flying Trapeze playlist for 12/04/2009

Thanks Ya'll for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed the show. I did a live DJ Mix, it went pretty well, but had some kinks! (Couldn't pre-listen or cue 'cuz I lost a USB cable!) Anyway, errors aside, I think it went pretty well. It was a quite upbeat set. Note! Some of the songs listed here are out of order! Sorry, but it was too much to keep track at the same time as mixing. At anyrate, I think they're all there, just some are out of order. Good Luck!

With Love,


Friday Nights with number1k9 playlist for 12/04/2009

Thanks for all thos who tuned in. It's great being back. Hope everyone liked the new songs premiered on tonights show

Happy Hour playlist for 12/04/2009

DJ Full Nelson and The Spicy Pumpkin continue to rock out during Drinking Time!

Live and Local Show playlist for 12/04/2009

Rockin out in the studio. No band this week... just awesomeness!

All Things Indie with DJ Rhapsody playlist for 12/04/2009

Songs with music videos that will knock you right out of your socks! These morsels of entertainment have everything... blood and gore, nudity... even ghosts! Check out for all the latest in avant garde indie vids!

Punk Show playlist for 12/04/2009

Radio Clash

Morning Metal Madness playlist for 12/04/2009

Lotsa awesome guitar solos on the first half, lotsa cool new music on the second.

Cool show.

The Insomniac Hour w/ DJ Transporter playlist for 12/04/2009

Transporter's more pissed off than usual because he left his iPod back on Long Island, where his sister is more than likely loading it up with the Jonas Brothers back catalog. Every type of metal from power to death.

Cut short an hour, not feeling too well.

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