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The Doghouse with that mongrel Kdog playlist for 02/01/2010

A man stumbles up to the only other patron in a bar and asks if he could buy him a drink.
"Why of course," comes the reply.
The first man then asks: "Where are you from?"
"I'm from Ireland," replies the second man.
The first man responds: "You don't say, I'm from Ireland too! Let's have another round to Ireland."
"Of Course," replies the second man.
Curious, the first man then asks: "Where in Ireland are you from?"
"Dublin," comes the reply.
"I can't believe it," says the first man. "I'm from Dublin too! Let's have another drink to Dublin."
"Of course," replies the second man.

Roots and Branches playlist for 02/01/2010

A tribute to some of the great New York singer-songwriters of the sixties, plus their hero (and mine) woody Guthrie

The Early Bird Special playlist for 02/01/2010

An ecletic mix for the early morning.

DJ Mints midnight run playlist for 02/01/2010

A Plethora of Music playlist for 01/31/2010

The Sportsbash with the Buffalo playlist for 01/31/2010

Playlist from the only sports show on WONY!

The Sportsbash with the Buffalo playlist for 01/24/2010

First of the semester

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