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Remembering the 80'and 90's : FINAL Spotlight Performance

Hey everyone!
As I have mentioned in the past two shows, I am graduating so unfortunately I am really sad to say this week is the last of me on WONY90.9fm. This is my final Spotlight and Wednesday will be my final show, which will be from 2pm to 5pm. I extended it for all of you because I knew I just had to.

First, I want to thank all of my lovely listeners for tuning in to my show or downloading it. I hope I did a good job delivering the old school jams to you because it's all I listen to. lol

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Yo, I'm soooooo sorry for all the slack people! But it is finally here. A SPOTLIGHT PERFORMANCE! I didn't forget, I was just really, really, really, REALLY BUSY.

Okay, before I get to it. Last week on my show, I was talking with Adjani about how my show was no longer going to be around because I'm graduating, but don't worry! I have two more shows left and I will make sure the music is BUMPIN'! I will aim to make my last two shows FANTASTIC!

NOW let's not dwell on the end. Let me finally shine some light on a performance. (Yes one performance. Sorry, but I can't do two.)

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Howdy peeps!
Okay, so sorry again for no show this past Wednesday; hopefully you enjoyed the double feature CHECK THIS OUT. I will defiantly be back this week, and I'm trying to do something fun with the upcoming show, so crossing my fingers that it will work out.

As always I have an artist to shine some light on, so here we goooooooooo!

Here are some clues about this performer:
1.) She is better know for her stage name, but her birth name is Dana Elaine Owens.
2.) She is an American rapper, singer, actress, and the list could go on!

NO Remembering the 80's and 90's Today/ CHECK THIS OUT!

Hi lovely listeners!

It is HIP-HOP WEDNESDAY, but unfortunately I will not be having my show today, I have an event to attend and it's during my show time.

No worries! I'm planning a really cool and fun show next week, so hopefully it will make up for my no show today.

So for today, I am posting, not one, but two CHECK THIS OUT videos! I hope you enjoy them!

Lastly, a Spotlight Performance from this past weekend is up so go see who the performer is, and another one will be up this weekend.


Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Happy Saturday yall!
First, I apologize for there being no "CHECK THIS OUT" this week, but I will have one next week. Also next week I might not be having a show or I will not be at my usual time. I will try to post something before or on Wednesday to clear that up.
But any who, it's time for a SPOTLIGHT PERFORMANCE!!!!

We're out of the funky feel, but I wanted to have fun on this performance and watching this one might make you break a SWEAT! So get ready cause here it comes.

Let us go to our clues for this performer!
According to the land of Internet:

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Howdy people!
Yes, I know this is late late late, but at least it's here. I think I got some good stuff on this spotlight.
This post IS a continuation of our ride through funky town, but I think next week I will move on to another style.

Anyway here we go!!!

Here art thou clues:
1.) This performer has been called the Queen of Funk.
2.) Her career as a singer/songwriter spans over four decades!
3.) She has won ten Grammy's in total as a solo artist and from her early career in the band Rufus.

I'll leave at that. Think you know who it is?

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here is a spotlight performance for this week!

I'm still keeping the music in a funky feel so I can get some of those types of artists out here, and this is song a lot of you might be familiar with.

Here are the clues on the artist:

1.) This American singer and songwriter was also a Broadway star. One of her roles was as Dorothy in The Wiz.
2.) Her first two albums as a signed recording artist did not do well because of difficulties finding her sound and getting a buzz going for her music.

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Hi yall!
I said last Spotlight I wanted to do this and I am; I'm getting funky on this performance. I'm so excited!

SO LET IT SHINE!!!!!!!!!

Here are the clues for this fantastic artist:

1.) This an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.
2.) This hint is interesting. According to internet land, this singer was the president and founder of the very first Patti LaBelle fan club.
3.)Unfortunately, this singer is no longer with us. He passed away on July 1st, 2005.

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance Special!!

OKAY! So I know I said I would have a Spotlight Performance posted up yesterday, but it just was not happening.
I also said I might try to post up two performances, and that I will do!

This is a SPECIAL SPRING BREAK SPOTLIGHT PERFORMANCE because I'm giving you all a double wammy!!

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

Howdy folks!
It's time again to shine some light on the talent of the 80's and 90's!!!

But before I do, just a reminder: I will not be having my show this week because I am on SPPPRRRIINNGG BREAK!!! Whoo! I get to chill for a bit! I will be back on the air Wednesday, March 18th, same station, same time!

Even though I will be a no show this week, I will have a spotlight performance posted up this Wednesday, maybe 2 in 1, but no promises.

Okay, so getting back on track::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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