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The Insomniac Hour w/ DJ Alias playlist for 09/25/2009

Artist Title Album Rotation Link
Caliban 24 Years Say Hello to Tragedy Metal
All Shall Perish The Last Relapse Price of Existance
Dethklok Bloodlines Single Metal
As Blood Runs Black Hester Prynne Allegiance
Austrian Death Machine I Need Your Clothes, your Boots and your Motorcycle Double Brutal Metal
Agnostic Front Gotta Go Something's Gotta Give
First Blood Execution Killafornia
Through the Eyes of the Dead Autumn Tint of Gold n/a
Winds of Plague One Body Too Many Decimate the Weak
Armed for Apocalypse Temptation's Wings Defeat Metal
God Forbid Force Fed Gone Forever
Vader Devilizer Necropolis Metal
Anthrax Nobody Knows Anything We've Come for you All
Shai Halud A Profound Hatred of Man n/a
August Burns Red Meddler Constellations Metal
Pantera Domination Cowboys from Hell
Dying Fetus Shepherd's Commandment Descent into Depravity Metal
Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face
Austrian Death machine Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies? Double Brutal Metal
CDC Cool Dudes Chillen Forty Theives Split
Sonata Arctica Flag in the Ground The Days of Grays Metal

Yo, it's legit... started making the playlist and got about halfway through without realizing it was still under Zero's name. My bad.

- DJ Alias

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