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Smash the Apparatus playlist for 05/06/2019

Artist Title Album Rotation Link
Usa Singer Communist Party USA Anthem
Commieball Goodbye, Germany - Russian Victory Day Song (English Lyrics)
Kalinin1917 Red army choir - Marshal Zhukov and Victory Truman announces defeat over Germany WWII
Pete Seeger The Commonwealth of Toil
Woody Guthrie Tear the Fascists Down
GETChan Nitsokhn Lid - Victory Song (Yiddish Anti-Fascist Song)
Commieball f Tomorrow Brings War - Soviet Pre-WW2 Song (Stalin Version)
Kamerad Korona "Over There" - American Patriotic Song
Ernst Thalmann Kampflied Gegen Den Faschismus - German Anti-Fascist Song (English Lyrics)
The Best Film Archives Post-WW2 Anti-Fascist Educational Film | Don't Be a Sucker | 1947
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