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Hood Hours We do it for the HOOD

Dj-NuKirk shows off his musical talent by displaying his abnormal ability to spit freestyles, for exremley long periods of time without cursing. Also playing all the latest hits from New York City basically if you hear it on hot 97 your gonna hear it on my show as well. Great talk as well with Dj-NuKirk and Dj-ToM ToM ya diiiiiiiig we keep it real.

is not currently scheduled.



Start the party with FOUR2THEFLOOR: A mechanical blast of high-energy electronica, techno, EBM/TBM, dubstep, trance, and industrial
be sure to check out the official facebook page!

on WONY Spring 2013 Schedule Saturday 4-6pm, WONY Fall 2013 Schedule Saturday 4-6pm, WONY Spring 2014 Schedule Saturday 4-6pm, Spring 2017 Wednesday 8-10pm, Fall 2017 Tuesday 8-10pm and Spring 2018 Monday 6-8pm.

All Things Indie with DJ Rhapsody

The title says it all... if it's Indie, I'll be playing it! Tune in every Friday from 4-6pm, indie everything from the freshest new tracks to some solid underground classics.

is not currently scheduled.

Afternoon Indie

New/old awesomecore mostly indie stuff every Wednesday afternoon!

is not currently scheduled.

Try out the NEW THEME!

So, we've been stuck with a theme affectionately nicknamed "Vanilla Face" by the E-board last night. I've been working hard on another one that's a bit more edgy and to be honest WAY more kick ass. And not vanilla. To avoid FCC probelms a la Imus we're going to call this one "Lights out".

Under the "My Account" page, you should see the option to switch back and forth. Give it a shot!


6pm - 8pm....Every saturday

Nuthin but pure Hip-Hop & RnB for the fans...

Look out for "The Kanye-Swift-isms" Segment each week...

is not currently scheduled.

For my listeners!!

Thanks to all my fabulous listeners. You guys make my radio world REAL LIFE!

I just wanted to do a quick update on all the new fun things featured on my show. Allison (DJ Rhapsody) and I planned a list of things which you can listen to EVERY week Thursdays from 6-8. These include:

-Top 10 favorites of the week
-Least 5 favorites of the week
-Current events
-Feelings session
-Yo mama jokes/ silly jokes
***and of course anything else we think of.


Thanks again :]

Wonderland with DJ White Rabbit

I play what I'm in the mood for at that time. It could be Metal, it could be acoustic, punk or classical... but you have to tune in to find out... All requests welcome!
10-Midnight Thursdays.

Punk Pop Alternative fan

on WONY Spring 2013 Schedule Wednesday 10pm-Thursday 12am.

A Plethora of Music

I play anything from rock to country to broadway musicals. The thing I love to play most though are your requests so call them in.

is not currently scheduled.
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