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Moozik Playlists

Moozik playlist for 05/04/2019

SURPRISE! DJ Tanner On The Danzfloor and David On The DL present you with Troo Moosik, a 2 hour-long tribute to Young King Daahveed full of his favorite WONY vibes and some commentary from your 2 favorite hosts. Plus some sad goodbyes to our seniors.


Moozik playlist for 12/15/2018

The last show of Moozik on WONY 90.9 FM Red. Dragon. Radio. I will be transferring to the University of New Haven next semester to study music and sound recording. A massive thanks to everyone here at the station for being supportive and being a second family because let's be real... WONY isn't the best club on campus. It's the best family on campus. Keep it locked everyone and thanks for tuning in on your Saturday nights! ~Daahveed

Moozik playlist for 12/13/2018

A little bit of Christmas and holiday themed Moozik for your Thursday afternoon

Backing track is "Skating" by the Vince Guaraldi Trio

Moozik playlist for 12/08/2018

Second to last official WONY show my friends. I will be leaving next semester but for right now these are some of the total jams I've been jamming to this semester. It's time for the semester recap show!

Moozik playlist for 12/01/2018

Starting off December right with some duet style songs and some other juicy stuff... Keep it locked and stay warm kiddos

Moozik playlist for 11/17/2018

This is the Sad Boi Soundtrack. The songs that just ooze sad boi vibes and hit you with a strong case of the feels. Get your tissue box ready because we're in for a wild ride.

Moozik playlist for 11/10/2018

Moozik playlist for 11/03/2018

Amazing new computer. Please bring me back to windows

Moozik playlist for 10/27/2018

It's a cover show! I'm playing a song... and then THE SAME SONG but by a different band. A lot of interesting stuff so hope I have time to talk about it! Also all of the technical difficulties

Moozik playlist for 10/20/2018

On October 19th 2018, Sunday Morning released their newest EP, In All Honesty. So for the special theme tonight you will hear music from local bands that I know personally or have seen live. 2 exceptions of course because it wouldn't be Moozik without Angel with a Shotgun or Endlessly by The Cab.

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