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Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance Special!!

OKAY! So I know I said I would have a Spotlight Performance posted up yesterday, but it just was not happening.
I also said I might try to post up two performances, and that I will do!

This is a SPECIAL SPRING BREAK SPOTLIGHT PERFORMANCE because I'm giving you all a double wammy!!

So, I searched and searched, found one. Then I searched and searched some more and found a second. I promise it is not R&B....kind of. I will try to stray from R&B for a little in the next couple of weeks, but I will return to it later. I actually want to post up some funk later on. Like maybe some Cameo or something. I'm not sure yet, we'll see.

ANYWAY, let me clue you into these performances:

1.) This is an American Hip Hop trio from Queens, NY.
2.)This trio is one of the first all-female rap groups.
3.) This group was originally called Super Nature.

AND here are the clues for performers #2:

1.)One performer is an American emcee and the other is an American singer and songwriter.
2.) One performer is considered to be the "Queen of Hip-hop Soul", and the other is known as a member of the Hip-Hop group, Brand Nubian.




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