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Current Top 200 Charts

This page displays all Top 200 spins from the past 7 days.
A Girl Called EddieJodyBeen AroundTop 200 743181581795448
A Girl Called EddyJodyBeen AroundTop 200743861582072920
A Girl Called EddyJodyBeen AroundTop 200744481582311416
Alexandria SaviorSend Her BackThe ArcherTop 200744001582137995
AlgiersDispossessionThere Is No YearTop 200743631581972667
AlgiersWe Can't Be FoundThere Is No YearTop 200743631581972667
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadSomething Like ThisX: The Godless Void and Other StoriesTop 200744001582137995
Andy ShaufNeon SkylineThe Neon SkylineTop 200744001582137995
Angel OlsenNew Love CassetteAll MirrorsTop 200743681581987688
Angel OlsonAll MirrorsAll MirrosTop 200744001582137995
Bombay Bicycle ClubGet UpEverything Else Has Gone WrongTop 200744311582240216
Bombay Bicycle ClubIs It RealEverything Else Has Gone WrongTop 200743861582072920
Bombay Bicycle ClubPeople PeopleEverything Else Has Gone Wrong Top 200744311582240216
Caroline RoseDo You Think We'll Be Lost ForeverSuperstarTop 200743861582072920
Caroline RoseDo You Think We'll Last Forever SuperstarTop 200744431582292677
Caroline RoseFeel The Way I WantSuperstarTOP 200744351582249729
Caroline RoseGot To Go My Own WaySuperstarTop 200744381582257268
Dan DeaconSat By A TreeMystic FamiliarTop 200743861582072920
Denzel Curry x Kenny Beats'Cosmic'.m4aUnlockedTop 200743221581803382
Denzel Curry x Kenny BeatsTake It BackUnlockedTOP 200743681581987688
FKA TwigscellophaneMagdaleneTop 200744171582206817
FKA TwigscellophaneMagdaleneTop 200744181582206825
FKA TwigscellophaneMagdaleneTop 200744191582206844
FKA TwigscellophaneMagdaleneTop 200744201582206863
FKA TwigscellophaneMagdaleneTop 200744211582206870
FKA Twigsholy terrainMAGDALENETOP 200744121582170833
Frances QuinlanCarry the ZeroLikewiseTop 200743861582072920
Frances QuinlanNow That I'm BackLikewiseTop 200744481582311416
Frances QuinlanYour ReplyLikewiseTop 200744431582292677
glass beachclassic j dies and goes to hell part 1the first glass beach albumTop 200743631581972667
glass beachneon glowthe first glass beach albumTop 200743861582072920
glass beachneon glowthe first glass beach albumTop 200743631581972667
Glass BeachOrchidsthe first glass beach albumTop 200743441581893704
glass beachorchidsthe first glass beach albumTop 200743631581972667
glass beachplanetariumthe first glass beach albumTop 200744481582311416
HMLTDSatan, Luella, and IWest Of EdenTop 200744481582311416
HMLTDThe West Is DeadWest of EdenTop 200743861582072920
HMLTDThe West is LostWest of EdenTop 200744001582137995
Holy FuckNo ErrorDeleterTop 200744001582137995
Kate DavisOpen HeartTrophyTop 200743441581893704
Kate DavisrbbtsTrophyTop 200743861582072920
MitskiCop CarThe Turning OST Top 200744351582249729
Mr. ElevatorDownGoodbye, Blue SkyTop 200744001582137995
Of Montreal20th Century Schizofriendic Revengoid-ManUR FUNTop 200744001582137995
Pine GroveDotted LineMarigoldTop 200743441581893704
Shopping Fo Your Pleasure All Or NothingTop 200744431582292677
ShoppingFor Your PleasureAll Or NothingTop 200743861582072920
ShoppingInitiative All Or NothingTop 200744381582257268
Soccer MommyFeedThe Turning OSTTOP 200743681581987688
Squirrel FlowerHoney, Oh Honey!I Was Born SwimmingTop 200744431582292677
Squirrel FlowerRed ShoulderI Was Born SwimmingTop 200743861582072920
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744481582311416
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744171582206817
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744181582206825
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744191582206844
Tame Impala BorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200743911582084600
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744201582206863
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744211582206870
Tame ImpalaBorderlineThe Slow RushTop 200744311582240216
Tame Impala GlimmerThe Slow RushTop 200744311582240216
Tame ImpalaInstant DestinyThe Slow RushTop 200744381582257268
Tame ImpalaIt Might Be TimeThe Slow RushTop 200743861582072920
Tame ImpalaLost In YesterdayThe Slow RushTop 200744311582240216
Tame Impala Lost In YesterdayThe Slow RushTop 200743911582084600
Tame ImpalaLost in YesterdayThe Slow RushTop 200744001582137995
Wolf ParadeJulia Take Your Man HomeThin MindTop 200743441581893704
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