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Want to get involved? Become a WONY DJ!

Want to become a part of your local college radio station? Good choice! In addition to getting off-air radio experience, all of our members can host their own two-hour, weekly radio show if they like - but first they must each go through a short training period to familiarize themselves with our station equipment and F.C.C./station rules. If you are curious about the training process, feel free to contact our Training Director at You can also contact any member of our executive board by e-mail or phone with any questions on how we run things. Our office number is (607)-436-2712 (or x2712 if you're dialing from on campus).

If you'd like to stop by in person, WONY is located in Alumni Hall, nestled in the corner right next to UPD. If you come through the front door of Alumni hall, walk past the staircase on your left, and go down the staircase on your right, WONY will be patiently waiting for you (If it's after 8:00 p.m. you'll need to enter through the UPD/Parking office). If it's your first time around the building, just ask someone at the front desk how to get to WONY and they'll point you in the right direction!

Below is a link to our training packets. The first one is for if you would like to jump right into being a DJ, and the other is for Station Members (you're involved in all aspects of WONY but without your own show). These packets not only spell out the rules of the station, but also track your training progress - so keep it close! Don't hesitate to contact with any questions!

Link to a list of shows you can train on:

DJ WONY Training Packet - Spring 2020219.86 KB
Station Member WONY Training Packet - Spring 2020214.02 KB
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