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Good Music Radio Show playlist for 05/05/2022

It's never spring on a Thursday- except for today. Last show of the semester!

American Bottom 40

It will be a mixture of the classic college radio Alt as I know it & whatever caches my ear

on Spring 2022 Thursday 4-6pm, Fall 2022 Thursday 4-6pm, Spring 2023 Thursday 4-6pm and Spring 2024 Wednesday 4-6pm.
Top 200

Soulful Vibe

I play music from Anime, Video games and musicals.

on Spring 2022 Saturday 2-4pm, Fall 2022 Sunday 10am-12pm and Spring 2023 Sunday 12-2pm.
Top 200

WHIPLASH!! playlist for 05/08/2022

guys we promise this really is the cryptid episode this time.

Strangest Of Places playlist for 05/04/2022

Final show of the semester, thanks for tuning in :)

Positively Pop playlist for 05/04/2022

show 10

Chiapet! playlist for 05/04/2022

april faves baybeeee

Spreading Rumours playlist for 05/04/2022

Last show of the semester/ favorites I have played throughout the year!

R&R Rock Block playlist for 05/03/2022

R&R Rock Block

Nothing is Real playlist for 05/03/2022

haven't been able to do a proper show in weeks, let's go!

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